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CD package sale

Post  Disco stu on Sun Jul 22, 2012 9:00 am

80 eur + shipping!

14 Palabras - Esperanza (gs 0002)
Sedition - Already dead & Bonus (v7)
Sedition - Words as filler (v7)
Senfheads - Grüße aus der Heimat (FF 002)
Predator - Hunt (White noise)
Audacia - Carica (BG Rec)
Impertinencia - Bienvenidos ...(NR 2004)
Dolomia - Antigas (Old white man music)
Impertinencia -Solo dios ... (GS 0801)
Avalon - The warriors call (SOB)
Bad Fate - bite back (EDA)
Tara - Never to late (Rampage)
Sturm und Drang - Ende der Tage (FF 007)
Sturm und Drang - Kommt über Euch (White Noise)
Sturm und Drang - Volk wie Brüder (Endzeit)
The Gits - Holiday in Majdanek
The Gits - As pure as vodka (RAC)
Aurora - Dritto al coure ... (RTP)
Outlaw - Old school of hate (Backstreet Noise)
British Standard - The early years
Ultima Ratio - Brainwash (wotan)
Kara - Under a fading moon (Brotherhood)
Blind Justice - Thats not for you (EDA)
Sturmtruppen Skinheads - Basler Freunde (Wotan)
Rockaforte - Il ricordo di ... (CSM 002)
Schlagzoig - Rebellenlieder
Standrecht - Resist to exist (GDP)
Hoolian Beat - Backstreet battalion
Standrecht - Heretic anthology (v7)
Avalon - A journey ... (Rampage)
Junker - ... reati di cuore (RTP)
Cellule 23 - rock'haine'roll (zkkk)
va - Carolus Rex Vol. 2 (UT Rec)+
Pride'n'Pain - loud and proud (Rebel Rec)
Celtic Warrior - Allegiance to the flag
Rebell Hell - To hell, with honor (north x)
Rebel Hell - Thirst for conquest (Panzerfaust)
Löwenbois - Little Boi (DIM)
Romantic Violence - Choosers of the slain (Micetrap)
In Memoriam - Paris belgrade (Memorial Rec)
Front Towards Enemy - Lo non ci sto! (Tuono)
KdF- Sturm auf Berlin (H. Sounds)
Brigade M - National Revolutionär (Nat Rev Prop)
Still Burning Youth - The flames of hatred (Old White Man)
The Order/ Mjölnir - Vikingrock (DiAl)
Tempo Scaduto - Quo usque tandem ...
The Gits/ Sztorm 68 - Muzyka dla elity! (Olifant)
The Gits - East Side Stories (Nordisc)
Iron Fist - Wir spielen für Euch (Skins on Attack)
Macchina Targata Paura - Tutto peggio di ...
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